Clay Pigeon Shooting. The roots of the shooting School date back to 1976, when we used these grounds to deliver shooting tuition to participants of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme; the Essex Shooting School, as we are now know, was formally recognised in 1983.

A little more about the School

Combining the highest possible standards of safety with superb shooting facilities we are able to deliver targets simulating High Driven Pheasant; Grouse; Partridge; Wildfowl; Pigeon; Rabbit; and others.

For the more competitive shooters we have a skeet range (Olympic and English) and a Ball Trap layout. (This year we will be reinstating the flood lights for the winter season)

For stability and accuracy, traps are mounted on solid concrete bases and supplied with mains electricity. To help you concentrate on honing your skills, and to enable your coach to quickly and easily deliver an appropriate target, fully robotic, automatic and radio controlled traps are used throughout the grounds.

In 2012 we installed a 100m rifle range allowing us to train rifle shooters of all skill levels. To help with all things rifle shooting form gun fit to zeroing and also getting you just that little bit better, helping you make sure of good clean kills when out stalking or caring out vermin control.

Additionally, there is our spacious and comfortable lodge, complete with kitchen, toilet, changing facilities, and the on-site shop. Surfaced paths throughout the grounds and well drained grass areas enable the facilities to be used in inclement weather without the need for wearing Wellington boots!